Thursday, March 3, 2016

Charter Day

Charter Day weekend is a big deal for us - on par with Homecoming weekend, but maybe even more so because it is basketball season instead of football season! It is a busy week for Chris' job and it is also generally the Gold Rush game, which is a huge home basketball game. Charter Day is William & Mary's birthday, so this year we celebrated 323 years. We had a visitor in town because one of the board members on Chris' board was one of our friends in college. Chris also had a basketball alumni event that weekend. All the W&M Basketball alumni had a get together before the game and then were celebrated at halftime on the court during the game. It was fun to watch and to see a lot of people from years past (mostly before our time).

They were giving away gold t-shirts and pom-poms, which Eleanor wanted to wear in her hair :) She also got to stay and play with her sweet friend Brady on the court after the game - perhaps her favorite part of Tribe games.

Happy 323rd birthday William & Mary!


Dorothy said...

323rd Birthday! Nice celebration!

Patty said...

Wish i could have seen Chris out there! Love E's excitement for basketball and her team spirit!!