Monday, February 29, 2016

Eleanor and Jane's big girl room

I mentioned before that we had done a room swap and made the girls' new room in the guest room (it is slightly bigger) and the guest room is now where the nursery was. Our friend Jenni was instrumental in this process. After picking the wallpaper and paint and getting the walls done with my mom in January, she designed all the details of the girls' room. Putting the room together took quite awhile due to Eleanor, Jane, and her girls all getting sick at one point or another in the process. Eleanor was quite anxious and spent most of her time in the room asking every single night if she could sleep in her "big girl bed."

Finally one night we told her she could sleep in the room. We ordered a bed rail and it arrived the same day we had a visitor arrive and need the guest room (which had her crib in it). We hadn't planned to make the switch so quickly, but she did fantastic and absolutely loves her new bed. I was a little worried because she does not sleep in one position (I find her all over her crib), but the rail has done its job. So far (fingers crossed) she has not gotten out of her bed without one of us coming to get her. I am praying this lasts forever, though I know it won't. ;)

The following pictures were taken by Jenni and are property of Dear Lillie. These are pictures of the girls' finished room and here are links to the preview post she did and the post for the finished room. Also, here is a link to the prints that are hanging on the wall that we love. They are a poem written by her sister and illustrated by a very talented artist. Eleanor loves the poem and we read it sometimes as a bedtime story!

I will have to make a couple changes to put in the baby camera and some other things we use in their room, but we really love their new space and I'm sure Jane will too once she moves in there! <3


Dorothy said...

I wonderful to see how excited Eleanor is with her new room. It is so sweet!

LA-jan said...

Love the picture of her in her big bed! Nice job on the room!

Patty said...

Just love all these pictures. The one of happy Eleanor in her big girl bed still melts my heart. She looks so sweet sleeping in her bed and I'm so impressed she stays put. Fun to envision Jane in there one day!