Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jane is six months old

Jane is six months old now! At her six month appointment she weighed 18 pounds, 13.5 ounces (87th percentile), was 26 inches long (44th percentile and almost 39% of the way to my adult height), and her head circumference was 16.5 inches (33rd percentile).. She has been desperate to start food for at least a month now. We tried a bit of the baby cereal the last couple weeks which she is not into at all. We gave her a carrot the other day which the jury is still out on. Speaking of food, there are still no signs of teething, except for the fact that she loves to chew on everything.

Jane started rolling over from her front to her back the day she turned 5 months old. A couple weeks later, she started rolling over from her back to her front and now she is occasionally log rolling around the room. I will put her on her play mat and then find her somewhere else (not too far away). She also is enjoying sitting up, but I still don't leave her sitting up by herself because she is not very stable yet. She discovered both her hands and her feet this month, which has been quite amusing to watch. She is also loving grabbing things, particularly rings and rattles. These toys seem to amuse her for awhile each time! She still likes putting her hands in her mouth but in a surprising turn of events, will now take the pacifier when she's tired! She still won't really use it during the day, but at night time she will use it.

Jane is starting to get a little bit of separation anxiety and definitely notices when someone other than Chris or I are holding her. She also talks and squeaks up a storm. Her eyes are starting to show some hints of either brown or green, so we know they won't be blue much longer.

Jane generally sleeps very well in her crib, going to bed around 7:30 and getting up around 6:30. She occasionally wakes up in the early morning, but not always. She also doesn't eat at night anymore, which is good for my sleep! She naps at least twice a day (sometimes three) but naps aren't on any sort of schedule yet so they're not always long ones, though they occasionally are. Jane is very good humored and absolutely loves watching Eleanor and all her antics.

Eleanor at six months for comparison:

Jane at onetwothreefour, and five months old.


Patty said...

Oh, how I love this sweet girl! These pictures melt my heart and I can't believe she's already half a year old!

Dorothy said...

She looks tall in that comparison picture. Can't wait to hug and kiss on her soon! It's been too long!

Dorothy said...

She looks tall in that comparison picture. Can't wait to hug and kiss on her soon! It's been too long!

Lauren Hall said...

She does look much longer than E at 6 months!! Happy half birthday gorgeous girl! Can't wait to give her snuggles soon <3