Monday, March 14, 2016

We like to run around CW

We are so lucky to live near Colonial Williamsburg. It's basically a huge park with very minimal vehicular traffic where our kids can run around and play, have picnics, and see animals. We go down there to walk around or eat lunch usually at least once a week and really enjoy it. Eleanor loves seeing friends there and playing on the Governor's Palace lawn where they can run up and down without much intervention from us.

Whenever we have visitors, we typically head down to this area, and sometimes I just take the girls by myself to get out of the house for awhile! In fact, I think one of my first outings with both girls was to Colonial Williamsburg when Jane was just a week old. It didn't end too well with me having to change Jane on a wet bench into a t-shirt onesie with no pants because she pooped through her fleece outfit and I didn't even have a blanket to put on her, but you win some, you lose some.

I also think it's so nice that once they're a bit older, they'll be able to appreciate some of the tradition of the area and participate more in the "living history" aspect of CW.


Patty said...

You are so blessed to live in CW and be able to go there with the girls! Love that they have so many friends to do so many wonderful things with! Happy spring!!

Dorothy said...

Such cute pictures. It is a wonderful place to live!