Monday, May 2, 2016

April wrap-up

April was wonderful. Chris is officially done with classes (will graduate in May), and we've got basically one month left of organized activity until it's officially summer. We've been working on our summer plans recently so I am started to get excited about being less busy for awhile, but am going to enjoy the time we have left before it hits Memorial Day and most activities end.

Eleanor started doing gymnastics this month through Williamsburg Gymnastics. She has a blast, and this activity perfectly suits this "I can do it myself" child. The first day we got there, she ran out, leapt off or on to whatever they asked her to, and never looked back.

Chris had his last class ever and will be graduating in May. We're really thrilled that school is over for him. This MBA has been an almost five year process and we are very proud of him for sticking it through.

Mom's morning out is still one of Eleanor's favorite parts of the week. She loves it and has really enjoyed the teachers and activities.

We've had several rainy or thunderstorm filled days. They say April showers bring May flowers, so I guess we'll see.

Chris went to the basketball banquet sans me and had a good time.

Jane got really into the doorway jumper and can sit in there forever these days!

Chris got paid to play basketball finally through a class action suit against the NCAA. Who knew?

Eleanor is pretty much always dirty these days. I can't keep up with her.

Jane has really taken off eating food this month. It's about time!

Eleanor has been practicing riding her bike.

Eleanor has also been putting on shows for Jane, which is entertaining for both of us!

Jane loves her growing like a redwood onesie from my cousin Taylor, and it is super cute :)

My roommate from college Kayla came to visit and it was wonderful to see her! Weirdly enough, when roommates come to visit it seems we are taking more pictures of them with kids than us together!

Eleanor went to a friend's third birthday party and as always, it is very fun when all the kids are together.


LA-jan said...

Busy! Busy! Love all the pictures!
Congratulations to Chris!

Patty said...

SO MANY cute pictures! I bet E loves gymnastics and we are so proud of Chris and looking forward to graduation!

Dorothy said...

Great pictures! E entertaining Jane is cute! So happy for Chris finishing his MBA. Awesome job!!!