Thursday, May 5, 2016

James River Fest

The other weekend we had a family morning before visitors came into town and Chris had to work for the afternoon so we decided to go to the James River Fest. There were all sorts of aquatic animals there like turtles, various types of crabs, and eels - all that you could touch. There were also owls and hawks, which you obviously couldn't touch.

There was a lot of information about water and environmental safety, fun demonstrations, and fun activities. The fire department was also there with lots of fun things to play with.

They had activities for kids to participate in, like "fishing" which Eleanor enjoyed despite us not really getting the hang of it, hah!

Eleanor was dead set on going kayaking, but Chris had to leave before we got that far and sadly I couldn't take her and Jane on one kayak alone. She had to settle for a boat tour, which we almost missed, but when to captain saw the tears in Eleanor's eyes, he turned the boat around to come back for us.

It was a short family outing, but we had a great time. It ended up raining basically the rest of the weekend, so despite the cold, we were really glad we got out.


Patty said...

Lucky for all of you that the captain took pity on Eleanor. How kind of him! Great pictures.

Dorothy said...

Yeah, looked like a great day. Super nice of that Captain!

maggie said...

I love unexpected weekend outings like this one! The weather is finally nice up here and I can't wait to enjoy the festivals and things with Stella this year!