Thursday, June 23, 2016

D.C. visit

We ended up heading up to D.C. for a last minute trip the other weekend. One of Chris' sisters was coming back from spending the last five months in France and we realized we hadn't seen his other sister since Christmas either. We spent the first evening surprising Auntie Jessie at Chris' parents' house where we enjoyed a lovely meal.

The next morning we went to Eastern Market and then visited Auntie Erika at her house.

It was a very short trip (right about 24 hours!) but worth it to see everyone in such a short amount of time.


LA-jan said...

Always nice to see family! Great pictures :))

Dorothy said...

Short but sweet! So glad you were able to see Jessie and Erika!

Patty said...

Yes, definitely worth it! it was such a wonderful treat to have an impromptu visit!!