Friday, June 10, 2016

Memorial Day - Chris' adventures

Chris went to Colorado for Memorial Day, and I won't narrate his whole trip, but the gist is that he and his college teammates decided to take a W&M Tribe Basketball reunion trip to Snowmass in Aspen. It's been 8 years since we graduated, and everyone's gotten together sporadically at weddings, Tribe games, the CAA tournament, and random weekends, but there was never a group reunion for the sole purpose of just hanging out and catching up. We were so glad it worked out for Chris to go - especially as two work trips sandwiched this one, it was wonderful that he was free. The guys had a great time, went golfing, hiking, and did a lot of grilling and hanging out at the ranch. These are just a few of the pictures Chris sent me while he was gone.


Dorothy said...

Awesome! In every way. Looks like a wonderful time!

LA-jan said...

Nice pictures! What a big group that could make it!

Patty said...

What incredible pictures. So thankful for friendships that last a lifetime. so glad he got to go on this amazing trip!