Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May wrap-up

May was our last month of all our regularly scheduled activities, so essentially now that May is over, summer has begun for our family. May was also full of rain. I feel like the sunny days could be counted on one hand, so we are all looking forward to a little more outside time. Chris still has a busy June ahead of him with the fiscal year ending on the 30th, but otherwise we are checking out of a lot to do a lot more relaxing, playing, and hanging out.

Eleanor painted her and my nails. She is also typically a style icon in her choice of dress.

These sweet girls just have smiles too cute not to share.

I worked my first night shift since going into labor with Eleanor.

We went to the fire station for a Chapel Family Fun night to deliver cards to the first responders and they had to head out on a call while we were there.

Sweet Jane is now too big for her baby bathtub but too unsteady sitting in water for the big tub so she gets her baths in the sink these days.

We went to a friends' one year old birthday party this month where there were lots of babies rolling around, including Jane.

Eleanor drove her power wheel car straight into the big hole in our front yard. Seriously, we have a huge front yard and she somehow missed all the flat parts and ended up here.

Jane got a tooth and learned to clap all in the same month. She's also scooting ever so slightly (backwards) so crawling should pop up in the next month or so.

Eleanor has been practicing her swimming in croc lagoon lately and she's quite adorable.

Jane and I often get a little alone time on the back porch after she wakes up from her afternoon nap but before Eleanor wakes up.

Eleanor had her last day of Mom's Morning Out this month - essentially her last day of "school" for the 2015-2016 school year. We are so thankful for Miss Sue and Miss Jeannette - her teachers this year.

Here's to a wonderful June...which is already halfway over because I am so late with this post ;)


Lauren Hall said...

I love these wrap-ups! I love getting to see all the random daily stuff that never made it into posts. Those girls are cuter everytime I see them, if that's even possible. So glad summer is here :)

LA-jan said...

Those cutie-pie smiles get me every time! Thanks for that post full of them!

Dorothy said...

So much to see in these wrap ups! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

Patty said...

I wish i could "like" every one of these pictures. they are all so cute!!