Thursday, July 21, 2016

A visit to Leesburg

I'm sure everybody knows by now, but my sister Lauren got engaged this month! With that wonderful news, and more wonderful news that my brother is moving back to northern Virginia in a few months, we headed up to visit and celebrate! We wanted to get things moving with the wedding planning and just spend some time together. I hadn't seen my brother since last Christmas due to at-odds schedules.

We spent a lot of the time doing some wedding planning - talking about locations, guest lists, fun ideas, and dresses! My mom had an old binder of my wedding stuff which we went through and then we even let Eleanor try on my wedding dress! That spurred us on to go wedding dress shopping the next day.

Shug came over with donuts one morning - food is definitely the way to Eleanor's heart.

And the we headed to the pool for the morning. We had a great time going down slides, around the lazy river, and teaching Eleanor how to swim. Even Jane got her hair wet!

We spent Sunday before we left playing our own version of frisbee golf around the local park.

All in all, a great weekend!


Lauren Hall said...

Thanks for making the trip up! It was such a good time - I wish I could have you guys around every weekend!

LA-jan said...

What a nice weekend! Looking forward to more wedding news!

Paula said...

That picture of Jane under water is awesome!

Dorothy said...

Jane under water is so cute! This was a fantastic weekend. Thank you for coming!!!

Patty said...

Congratulations to Lauren and Eric and how exciting that your Eric will be closer!!