Monday, July 25, 2016

Water Country

Chris and Eleanor both have fun cards to Busch Gardens which include Water Country so I ended up upgrading my Busch Gardens season pass to include Water Country this year, too. We have already been seven or eight times this year and it has been a blast! Eleanor can ride tons of slides, including fun adult ones for me and Chris, and Jane and I mostly hang out watching (or trading off with Chris on the slides with Eleanor), but she loves to splash and be splashed. It's been awesome in terms of Eleanor's comfort level with water, too, and on more than one occasion we have randomly run into friends there that also have the pass.

We only ever stay for a couple hours when we go and that ends up being plenty of time. I only wish I felt more comfortable going alone with the girls because we would be there almost every day! I have yet to make a solo trip here without Chris, and at least right now am not planning on it this summer. Next summer though, when they're both walking, I will definitely go by myself.


LA-jan said...

So nice to have water parks nearby!

Dorothy said...

Nothing like a great water park!!!

Patty said...

would love to go one day; Eleanor may be braver than me on water rides! Janes thighs...<3