Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July was raaaaiiiinnnny! We started out by watching Eleanor's favorite YouTube video (thanks to Gaby), which is basically fireworks set to music. She waved a pretend flag since we didn't have a flag for her to wave. It was hilarious. We also spent some time in the morning down in Colonial Williamsburg just to get the history vibe going, despite the rain.

Then we had a picnic on our back porch for lunch, reminiscent of past Fourths of July spent on the National Mall...even one where we had to race back to the car carrying blankets, chairs, food, umbrellas, while the impending storm rolled in.

Later that evening, we went to a friend's house to grill and celebrate together.

Eleanor enjoyed throwing some of those little firecrackers at the fence in the backyard.

Then she witnessed her dad playing baseball with them and had to give it a shot herself. She actually hit one and it "banged" in the air. I was impressed.

But perhaps her favorite part was the cake. She had been singing "Happy Birthday dear America" all day and was asking whether there would be cake and as luck would have it, someone brought a cake to the cookout so all her dreams came true!

And Jane was a trooper, hanging out with Chris and I for the most part and staying up late.

Jane was very tired so we didn't make it up late enough for fireworks, but maybe next year...(or in a few when everyone is older)! Happy 240th, America!


Dorothy said...

Cute picture of all the kids in their red white and blue outfits! Love the first photo of you guys!

Patty said...

Love all the patriotic outfits! We, too, ended up with an indoor picnic!