Thursday, July 7, 2016

June wrap-up

June was a fun month for us, though busy. It was the end of the fiscal year for Chris and he had a trip, some late nights, and some weekend work. The girls and I stayed busy throughout the month though and are already enjoying his more laid back schedule this July!

We took lots of trips to Busch Gardens, including one solo trip (just me and the girls!) which went really smoothly and was a lot of fun.
(Tried to stop at a show called Mix It Up for the girls to eat dinner but they were SO entranced that neither of them moved a muscle or ate a bite for the entirety of the show. Eleanor held her PB&J sandwich in front of her face like that the entire time.)
(We very rarely do Busch Gardens in the afternoon/evenings because we can't make it out of the park awake. We did go once this month though and sure enough, this girl fell asleep before we made it out. Jane, on the other hand, still never sleeps on the go.)

We picked up free donuts for national donut day at a local place called Emily's.

We also got free smoothies this month for national flip-flop day!

We went to go see one of Eleanor's friends play Mother Abbess in the Sound of Music. Eleanor has been singing "My Favorite Things" continuously since then. Here's a video... (translation: "when the bee stings, when the dog bites, boom, boom, thunder, lightning!" - if you recall, the scene takes place on Maria's bed during a thunder storm, hah!!)

Eleanor has lately been very interested in cooking with me. She also has learned to make her own nachos, except for the oven part!

Sweet Jane is not my snuggler. She will not fall asleep unless she's in her carseat moving or in her bed. The other day, she was sitting in my lap and all the sudden her  head was against my chest. I couldn't believe it so I had Chris take a picture to prove it.

Eleanor, ever since she got Maynard when she was about a year old, loves to pretend to be a little mommy. She carries her babies around, talks to them, disciplines them, feeds them, changes their diapers, etc. Most recently she wants to put her baby in a carrier like Jane rides in, so we made her one for her baby. This girl has such a sweet heart.

Jane's thighs keep getting bigger. Every time they get bigger I believe they're maxed out and they just keep getting bigger :)

I mowed the lawn for Chris for Father's Day! It was a lot of work!

We've been taking trips to Kidsburg, a local park. Enjoy the video of Eleanor getting dizzy.


Patty said...

I shouldn't be laughing so hard at Eleanor getting dizzy...and Jane's glad they made the blog! LOVE!!

LA-jan said...

Fun recap. so much to enjoy!
Love it all!

Dorothy said...

I can just see E and J entranced with Mix it Up. So cute! Love the month updates!