Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August wrap-up

I can't believe summer is coming to a close already. While I am happy to see the end of the seemingly endless heat, I already know I'll be missing the relaxed schedule and lazy evenings that come along with it. August was hot. I say this every year, but the heat here seemed worse this summer than in years past.

We took down Eleanor's art from the 2015 - 2016 school year in preparation for the coming year (plus she moved rooms in our house this past year and her art was on her old door, which is now Jane's room/our guest room anyway).

We sweated through lots of neighborhood walks.

We spent time in Colonial Williamsburg seeing the sights.

Spent lots of time in the mornings and evenings multi-tasking while watching the Olympics, particularly pretty much every swim final.

Eleanor has been on a huge baking kick, helping bake my cake and her own birthday cake, brownies and cookies for friends with new babies, and other random treats.

Regal does a Summer Movie series for $1 and we went to a few of those on random Tuesday mornings. Our favorites were The Lorax and all the minion movies.

Eleanor found her old Christmas jammies from last year and wore them - needless to say, she will need new ones this year.

One of our college roommates came back to visit for her 30th birthday this month and we got to spend some time with her.

 We did several indoor activities this month due to the heat, one of the favorites being the Bounce House.

Lots of the daddies got together while the moms were at a baby shower and took the kids to Jamestown Beach for the morning. I hear it was quite a successful trip, Eleanor still talks about it.

Eleanor has gotten very into reading this month. She will read all her books that she can from memory and opened up and "read" all her birthday cards herself this year - that was quite random and funny :)

Jane is pulling up on everything and trying her hand at cruising this month. I still can't believe she is getting so big!

Eleanor is still enjoying gymnastics leading to her climbing and jumping on everything.

Chris bought a slip and slide for the girls and we've been enjoying that in the backyard on particularly hot days. We kind of have to throw Eleanor down it, but she enjoys it!

In a couple weeks, all the summer things will close (pools, Busch Gardens, Water Country) and all the year long regular activities will start up. While I am sad to say goodbye to the freedom of summer schedules, fall is by far my favorite season and I can't wait.


Dorothy said...

I'll have to have Eleanor read me a story! That was cute!

Dorothy said...

I remember doing the photos of you with your art work on the door. Love those!!!

Patty said...

I especially love those slip n slide pics!