Monday, August 29, 2016

Lorton and D.C.

The other weekend we went up to Chris' family's house to visit for the weekend. Most of the family was celebrating on Sunday night which we couldn't hang around for since we both worked the next morning so they did a celebration for Eleanor and I on Friday evening. We went up early on Friday and headed over to the neighborhood pool.

That evening we had a delicious dinner and ice cream cake courtesy of Chris' mom.

The next day Chris' parents watched the girls while we went out to do a birthday activity with Chris' brother, sister-in-law, and sister. That evening, the Army Band was playing the 1812 Overture in D.C. so we headed in to watch the concert. On the way, we stopped by the WWII Memorial (my favorite) and took pictures in front of our states.

We also showed the girls the White House, Lincoln Memorial, and Capital from afar, obviously the Washington Monument, and pointed out the Jefferson Memorial while driving. 

Chris' brother-in-law and sister met us there, and then my sister and her fiancee also came in. It was actually a very nice night for it sitting up on the hill where the Washington Monument sits because there was a nice breeze. 

Poor Jane was quite tired and kept trying to lay down and go to sleep.

Eleanor, on the other hand, was very into it.

She spent the whole time standing up, blowing her "trumpet."

Then the cannons started and she hid behind Chris...hahah!

Overall a great concert! We loved it.

The next day, Eleanor went to the airport with Gaby and Papa Laser to go pick up Ashleigh. Ashleigh spent the summer in Bass Lake (!!!) and was just getting home.

We dressed the girls in dirndls just for fun while we were there (from when Chris' sisters were younger) and Eleanor loved her dress so much she wore it home.

It was a wonderful weekend and we were so glad we got to spend time with everyone. Happy birthday to all the Strattons with birthdays (which is most of them)!


Dorothy said...

Looks like a great cake! Love all the time with family. Jealous of Ashley's Bass lake summer:) The pool picture of you and Chris is great! Very cool!

Patty said...

Can't believe i am so far behind on your blog! We loved having you. Thanks for giving me an excuse to make an ice cream cake! LOVE the underwater picture and am jealous of the 1812!!