Monday, August 1, 2016

July wrap-up

July was exciting! My sister got engaged and we started wedding planning, Chris took several afternoons off work to spend some extra family time together, we celebrated being married 8 years, and we braved the summer heat of Williamsburg.

We spent time at Busch Gardens where Eleanor rode two rides she is technically not tall enough to ride: the adult swings (which they were very lax and let several small kids onto) and Grover's Alpine Express - Eleanor's first roller coaster! They are not at all lax about this one and we have been sent back many a time while trying to ride this one, but we tried the top knot the other day to make her taller and they didn't even blink. She absolutely loved this ride and has been talking about it non-stop since. "I'm not too short! I'm long enough!"

The local Regal offers $1 movies for kids on Tuesday mornings so we went to a movie, Despicable Me 2 and the girls loved it. Jane danced through it because the music was pretty decent and Eleanor was entranced.

We had our friends over for breakfast a couple times which was super unique and fun for Eleanor since we were still wearing pajamas.

We beat the heat with ice cream from Eleanor's summer reading program coupons from the library.

The girls took their first bath together. Eleanor thought it was novel and Jane wasn't having any of it.

We spent the last week of July on vacation with our siblings. It was a pretty fun and relaxing month. Looking toward August, we have almost nothing on the agenda so should be more of the same. Except for the crazy heat, we love summer. Here's to more days with highs of no more than 80!


Dorothy said...

Great wrap up! Cute pictures!

Patty said...

Cracking up at the top know technique! Wonderful pictures.

LA-jan said...

Love these month end wrap ups! Nice!
The girls are sure growing up fast!