Thursday, July 28, 2016

River days

We don't often get to the real beach because it's a bit of a commitment to pack everyone up and drive down to the beach. Luckily we have several river beaches nearby and have recently started heading back to them for the summer. They are not much of a commitment as some are only a few minutes from our house. One day last week we packed up some sandwiches and headed over to the river for just an hour. Eleanor had a blast playing in the sand and Jane enjoyed the waves lapping her feet and the wind. She loves the wind!


LA-jan said...

The girls really seem to be having a great time at the shoreline! Nice to have beaches so close to home, even if it is a river's edge, that's great!

Dorothy said...

I wish I had a beach so close. Enjoy!!!

Patty said...

Lucky to live so close to water!