Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whistle Belly

The other weekend we attended Whistle Belly in Merchant Square (downtown near Colonial Williamsburg). Whistle Belly is a Virginia craft beer festival, but they also had delicious food made by local Williamsburg restaurants like the Dog Street Pub and Blue Talon. We had a blast, filled up on food, and tasted several semi-local beers.

The downside to the day was that it was hot. It appeared that it was going to be slightly overcast, but the sun ended up coming out and it was definitely warm. They had these awesome fans set up all over the area that sprayed cold water which was wonderful for cooling off. Eleanor spent most of her time standing in front of these.

Jane spent most of her time eating. They had gourmet-style comfort foods there...for example, soft pretzels with cheese dipping sauce, grilled cheese but with tomato, bacon, and chili on top, brats, tacos, etc. Jane stole my chicken kebab with grilled peppers, but it kept her happy for quite awhile.

The girls were quite popular, some lady from a Charlottesville brewery even asked Eleanor to sign her cast, hah!

We ended up leaving a bit early because the girls started having a meltdown. First, it was nap time (which we were skipping that day) and second, I picked up a beer popsicle, which Eleanor was mad that she couldn't eat and then Jane just started going crazy wanting to suck on it because occasionally Eleanor shares hers with Jane and she thought she knew what it was and I was just refusing to give it to her.


Patty said...

Oh, the trials of adventures with little ones! But good for you for getting out. Love that Jane enjoyed the food and E the fans!!

Dorothy said...

A nice day. I never heard of a beer Popsicle. I can imagine how nice it was in front of the fans!