Monday, August 15, 2016

Jane is eleven months old

Our sweet Jane is eleven months old! I can't believe it. She is crawling everywhere and has learned how to pull up to standing, though she doesn't yet cruise. She took one step with a walker the other day, but definitely isn't moving on those feet yet. She is babbling more and regularly says "mama" and "dada." She waves, claps, and still loves to dance. She is mostly happy except when she's sick or she sees food that is not within her grasp. This girl loves to eat and will eat anything you put in front of her. She particularly loves cheese, carrots, avocados, and anything sweet. She still only has two bottom teeth but we are constantly on the lookout for more every time she's particularly druly or fussy. She also loves playing with her toys, particularly rattles, sophie the giraffe, and megabloks.

Eleanor at eleven months for comparison:

Jane at onetwothreefourfive, sixseveneightnine, and ten months old.


Dorothy said...

On the go!! Such a cutie!

Patty said...

Sweet jane...I love the first picture of her in the chair! I can't wait to see if she will have curly hair!

LA-jan said...

She just gets more adorable with every picture!