Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Visits from the grandparents

Last week my mom came down to help us with a childcare arrangement fall through. Our daycare was closed with fairly short notice and we needed some help with two days that week. My mom watched the girls on Tuesday and they had a blast. I ended up getting home at around 4:30 so I as able to take a walk and have dinner with everyone before my mom had to leave to head back home for some wedding planning stuff the next day with my sister.

My friend Kelly ended up coming to watch the girls on Thursday along with her son, which was a huge help as well. She definitely hung in there as mom of three for a day!

Then on Saturday, Chris' parents came down to visit. We biked Jamestown Island and it was a beautiful day for it! Unfortunately on the way back, my tire exploded about 2 miles from home. Thankfully no one got hurt (the trailer for the girls was on Chris' bike), but I have been bummed this week to have my bike out of commission :(

After our ride we went out to the Virginia Beer Company for the evening. Much of the time was spent watching Gaby and Eleanor have a fun time on Gaby's snapchat.

We've had a great week with lots of fun visitors and are looking forward to Auntie Erika visiting tomorrow!


Patty said...

We LOVED our visit and hope you get your new tire soon!

Dorothy said...

Oh so fun! Both of those videos are so cute!!!