Tuesday, October 4, 2016

September wrap-up

Welcome fall! September (an awesome month of the year) is over and we are making our way into finally cooler weather. Chris and I have spent the last two evenings sitting out on the back porch after the girls are in bed and it's been wonderful and cool.

We had a picnic with Chris at work one day.

Eleanor got to go to an end of summer party at daycare and came home with an ice cream sandwich.

Our washing machine broke and we had to get a new one.

We made our first apple pie

We had a picnic by the river after a bike ride with friends.

Breakfast on the porch became possible since it's not so hot in the mornings.

Our friend Pia came to visit.

Jane had most likely her last sink bath as she's getting a little too big!

Eleanor went to a friend's birthday party where the favor was stickers...you don't have to guess what she did on the way home, I'll just show you...

We had the worst doctor's appointment ever topping three hours in length and included shots and more for both girls.

Football season started up.

Eleanor has been getting really into her bike (tricycle - her big bike is still a bit challenging). 

Eleanor started back at Mom's Morning Out for the 2016 - 2017 school year. Her first day of school (and below a picture from Open House because she was dressed much cuter for that ;)

And finally, Auntie Erika came to visit for a couple days and we celebrated Chris' birthday while she was here! And, lest you give me all the credit, Eleanor decorated the top of the cake and found the candles in a drawer and put those in herself too (if you're wondering why there's a "1" candle on the cake...)


Dorothy said...

I love that picture of Jane in the sink! And Eleanor helping decorate Chris's cake:) Happy Birthday Chris! Gotta love that outdoor time, football, picnics...Another wonderful month.

Patty said...

Darling pictures...Jane in the sink and sitting on Chris' toolbox! And E looks so happy to be back at Mom's Day Out! Great job on the cake - yum!