Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eleanor's first trip to the dentist

Earlier this week, Eleanor experienced her first dentist appointment. I had taken her with me last week to watch my appointment so she'd have an idea of what to expect, and they ended up having an opening a couple days later. She did awesome! She kept her mouth open the whole time and let them count, polish, floss, and fluoride her teeth. They gave her some sunglasses to wear to block the light and gave her a princess toothbrush and Olaf toothpaste when she left. They also let her pick out some prizes from a treasure chest and she is very proud of her bouncy ball and ring.

She did want to know why they put a big napkin on her.

Afterwards she said, "I'm so proud of me!"


LA-jan said...

Such a big girl! We are all proud of you!

Dorothy said...

Very proud of her too!

Patty said...

yay for Eleanor! Proud of how brave you were!