Monday, October 17, 2016

W&M Homecoming 2016

Last weekend was Homecoming weekend for William & Mary. On Friday we went to the parade. Jane absolutely loved it but kept trying to crawl out into the road to be part of it. Eleanor was just happy people gave her lollipops. Afterwards we had a picnic near the Sunken Gardens and then went to Chris' Class Ambassador/Reunion tent that he was working at that evening.

On Saturday we went to the basketball scrimmage in the morning with plans to head home and then come back for the football game after naps but we ended up running into some friends that we hadn't seen in awhile (though we ran into them randomly at Water Country once this summer, too!) and ended up staying through lunch and nap time for the game. Jane did pass out in the stroller, which is quite notable for her.

We had lunch at one of the tents in the Sunken Gardens and then went to a Homecoming tailgate where Eleanor got some cotton candy and got to bounce on some inflatables.

Then we headed over to the football game. At this point, both my girls were pretty tired and wired (from sugar), so the football game wasn't super successful. We mostly hung out around the track and in the grass playing with other random friends we ran into. Eleanor sustained an injury and then told everyone who would listen that she was "bweedin'!" (bleeding)

We left the game early but were happy to hear the Tribe made a huge comeback and ended up winning. Happy Homecoming!


Dorothy said...

I absolutely love the photo Jane smiling in the street! Great homecoming!

Patty said...

These pictures are the best! Tribe Pride!