Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Riding bikes

Fall is my favorite time of year for bike riding. From September through December the weather is pretty awesome and we head out quite a bit. I was really bummed to have my tire pop on one of our first rides this season and be out of commission for a bit. After buying and returning one of the two replacement parts I needed, we were finally back in action as of last weekend. And with a little assistance via text message from our bike expert brother-in-law, I actually fixed it by myself.

Eleanor has also been practicing quite a bit recently but still has some struggles with getting herself going and with her legs tiring out. She is a master at the tricycle, but Grandma got her a two wheeler (with training wheels) for her birthday and she has been working hard trying to ride that one. Jane is super jealous and is always trying to climb onto the tricycle in the garage when we're playing outside, but she's got a ways to go yet, poor thing.

The day after Hurricane Matthew came through, we took a ride out on the trails to enjoy the bit of sun that was coming through. The woods behind our neighborhood were completely flooded, but the paved trails were okay. There were some downed trees we had to ride around as they blocked the path, but otherwise everything was mostly clear. Luckily, we never even lost power! The same can't be said for some of our friends in different neighborhoods... The girls enjoyed the biking so much they both passed out.

Here's to more great weather this fall!


Patty said...

Oh gosh...jane is so adorable in this, trying to keep up! and E looks like she's doing a great job on the bike! Love how they passed out!

Dorothy said...

Look at those girls go! Jane is moving fast! E is doing great on the bike. Fun!!!

Lauren Hall said...

Bummer about the flat tire! I'm glad it's finally fixed though! Last picture is too cute :)