Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pumpkin picking in Surry

Around these parts we seem to have developed a tradition of going pumpkin picking in Surry every year. I think this is the fourth year (Eleanor was about 6 weeks old the first time we went). The group seems to grow every year as people invite random neighbors and friends. We invited our new neighbors who moved here from California last week. I was a little worried she'd be overwhelmed by the crazy (they don't have kids and it's a big group) but she seemed to have a good time.

We took the Jamestown-Scotland ferry over the river to Surry and all the kids had a blast in the breeze.

Once we got over there, we headed out to the patch with our clippers to pick out some pumpkins.

Eleanor with her find...

And then of course we stopped for pumpkin ice was surprisingly hot despite the overcast weather.

While we were eating ice cream, Chris decided to take Eleanor through the corn maze. Apparently kids 3 and under could go for free so a couple of her friends heard and then all the sudden Chris was heading into the corn maze with five little girls under 3 years old. Thankfully at the last minute one of the other dads hopped up to join in (not sure if he would have made it out with all five still in tow alone)!

A little cheating in the corn maze...blazing through the stocks:

And just a picture of what was going on inside:

The victorious warriors on the other side:

And the whole group:

We had a great time and are already looking forward to doing this again!


Dorothy said...

Such a great tradition. I loved the videos of the girls getting trapped!!! Adorable! Great pictures!

Patty said...

Absolutely love all these little friends pictures. And the corn maze video is so stinkin cute!! WE'RE TRAPPED!! <3