Monday, November 28, 2016

"Week at Grandma's"

Well, our trip to Mexico wouldn't have been possible without our parents who watched the girls while we were gone. Eleanor read The Berenstain Bears' Week at Grandma's in preparation for this trip over and over and was so excited. We dropped the girls off with my mom on Monday night and they stayed in Leesburg with my brother, sister, and dad coming over to help my mom a bit. I mean, watching two kids with only one arm is quite a bit of work!

Then the moms did a switch off and Eleanor and Jane headed to Gaby and Papa Laser's house. From what I understand, Jane was attached at the hip to Gaby and Eleanor was attached at the hip to Papa Laser. 

The girls were showered with attention, trips to parks, and got some much desired quality time with their grandparents and are still talking about it weeks later. Thank you so much to our parents who enabled us to go on this trip and sacrificed their sleep over the week to do so :)


Dorothy said...

It was a great week for us all!

Patty said...

Sweet, sweet time with the girls! Dorothy, you rock for doing your share with a broken wrist!!