Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We were fortunate to be able to spend the holiday with both of our families again this year. We drove up to northern Virginia on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday and Thursday at Chris' parents' house. Everyone was home and we all had a great time! We walked around Burke Lake Park Wednesday morning.

And we reenacted the picture of the girls on the seal from last year...not as a surprise to anyone, but Eleanor's hair looks exactly the same because in both pictures she was going through a "I don't want to put anything in my hair so it's always in my eyes" phase.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and sat around the firepit outside. Eleanor and Jane even got to open an early Christmas gift. It was a great time with great family.

Then it was off to Leesburg for the weekend where we played lots of Monopoly, Stoneage, and ate more delicious food! Chris and Uncle Benny carved the turkey this year and did a wonderful job despite their professed limited experience.

We also took a walk down to the river at Red Rocks in Leesburg.

It really was a great weekend to be outside! The day we left Shug came over in the morning with donuts. Eleanor picked out a pink sprinkle donut and was in heaven! Plus they were matchy-matchy in red.

I was also able to go to one of Lauren's dress fittings as I had not yet seen her dress on and boy was it exciting for me! Eleanor, too, enjoyed the process because there were "so many Eleanors, so many grandmas" in the mirrors.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I know at least in our house we are so excited for "the most wonderful time of the year!"


Lauren Hall said...

Such a great thanksgiving!! Thank you for coming up and staying for the fitting :) You have an awesome little family <3

Patty said...

Great pictures and a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love all the Eleanors in the last picture!!

LA-jan said...

You guys all have the greatest hiking scenery! I would be hiking every day if I could,too, with all that beauty!

Dorothy said...

The hikes and walks with you guys are the best....but the games are pretty awesome too!