Thursday, November 17, 2016

Xplor Park (Mexico, part 2)

The next day, we decided we wanted to see a little more of the geography native to the area of Mexico we were staying in. There were several ecotourism style parks and we settled on Xplor. We took a taxi, got there when they opened and stayed all day. The first thing we decided to do was the zip lines. Neither Chris nor I had been zip lining before, and particularly not over the Mexican jungle, so it was quite an adventure!

On the zip line course there was even a water slide...

After zip lining, we took out some ATVs on a course around the park.

Then we found another hammock zip line!

We explored caves, both walking, and swimming (with life vests on for that part, thankfully, because it was a long swim).

And then we hand paddled some rafts through the caves to see a bit more (and not be so cold because the water was pretty cold while we were swimming).

This park was awesome. We had a great time and would definitely do something like this again if the opportunity arose. It was a tiring day though - lots of climbing, walking, swimming, paddling, etc. I definitely slept well that night!


grammy said...

Young, active, happy----IMPRESSIVE!! Good for you both.
hugs, grammy

Dorothy said...

This looks awesome! I agree with grammy...IMPRESSIVE!

LA-jan said...

That was so much fun! I love those videos!

Patty said...

Such fun adventures! I would love to do a zip line! Don't think I'd be brave enough to go swimming in those caves though!!