Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

With December well under way, we have been celebrating Christmas every chance we get. We picked out our Christmas tree on the way home from Thanksgiving break and then we decorated it over the next few days.

The following weekend we went to the annual Williamsburg Christmas parade.

We had an Advent Family Fun night at our church. The girls got to decorate cookies, do a nativity craft, and participate in a few fun activities.

The next morning we walked home from church with one of Eleanor's friends and the girls turned it into a Christmas decoration walk to see who could find the best decorations.

On Sunday afternoon we had our annual Small Group Christmas. We ended up getting a pretty terrible picture of all the kids together in their gorgeous bows that one of the women in our small group made for them. Hopefully we will get a better picture of them in their bows at some point. One of the other women in our group got a great picture of the big girls together though, sans bows!

From there we rounded out our Christmas celebration weekend with a trip to Colonial Williamsburg for Grand Illumination. This may be one of my favorite Williamsburg traditions (though I am a big fan of tradition in general, especially holiday traditions).

It was a weekend full of Christmas activity and we can't wait to do more Christmas-y things in the coming days!


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Just darling pictures! Love the Christmas spirit!!