Monday, December 12, 2016

Painting and leaves

A month or two ago, Chris and I decided we needed to repaint our front porch and back deck. We started with sanding everything down and then bought paint. Essentially what we thought wouldn't be a huge project turned into a huge project as I've realized it gets dark before Chris gets home from work so he can only paint on the weekends if we don't have plans and I can only paint during naptime if both the girls sleep at the same time, which doesn't happen every day. So lo and behold, here it was already December and the back deck hasn't been touched. The first week in December I kicked it into overdrive trying to get the front porch painted because we couldn't decorate with lights for Christmas until that was finished! I was so close to being done when the girls woke up from naps. Thankfully, Eleanor found a way to entertain her needy sister but raking leaves and throwing them on her. Jane thought it was the funniest thing in the world and just sat down in the front yard while Eleanor threw leaves at her.

Anyway, the front porch is painted and it is very likely the back deck won't get painted any time soon. This short-term project will likely drag for quite awhile! There are some white footprints on the bricks on our front stairs and a few drips, but for the most part I was able to keep the girls out of the paint. Our lights are now up and outside, too!

We have been busy raking leaves because this is the week the county comes to do a pick up. We surprisingly still have a few leaves on our trees so we will have to do a bit more raking later, but the majority is now done.


LA-jan said...

What a darling video! I love it, and wow! What a lot of leaves!

Dorothy said...

Ditto! I,m still laughing! I'm glad I don't have to bag leaves, they come and vacuum them up.