Thursday, December 22, 2016

Other Christmas-filled weekend activities

Chris had a Christmas party at his work last weekend and we went with the girls. They had lots of kid-friendly activities, so of course, Eleanor had a blast. She got her face painted, got to pick out candy from a candy bar (in which someone included Frozen gummies - must have a 3 year old girl at home), made s'mores, and drank hot chocolate.

Then Eleanor and Jane had to accompany me to my work party, which was lunch out with some of the women in my department.

Also that weekend was Chris' annual guys event - an "eat off" at Mongolian grill. He got approached by someone in the restaurant who asked whether they do this eat off "every year at the same time" because this gentleman apparently vacations in Williamsburg the same weekend every year and eats at Mongolian each time and has seen this group there weighing in and weighing out the past several years.

The women had their annual ornament exchange, which, as always, was a lot of fun. I came home with a little tree and a gold reindeer ornament this year. We also baked tons of cookies for Chris' co-workers this past weekend.

The girls played a lot with their early Christmas present from Gaby and Papa Laser, a Shepherd that Jane has developed a strong attachment for. She seems to really like looking for him in the morning and then immediately picking him up and carrying him around with her.

I love all the fun activities leading up to Christmas!


Dorothy said...

Fun! We can't wait to see you guys!

LA-jan said...

Gorgeous cookies! Have Merry Merry Christmas!

Patty said...

Those cookies look absolutely amazing! So glad the girls enjoyed the Shepherd.