Friday, December 2, 2016

Turkey Bowl

Of course we all kicked field goals for Thanksgiving. We started out with Chris' family on Thanksgiving morning. Chris's record this year was 40 and mine was 12. I don't think either of those were our personal bests, but decent kicks for both of us. Eleanor and Jane both tried to participate, but Jane was very disinterested while Eleanor was over interested and we had to send her on missions to keep her otherwise occupied.

Eleanor did a tumbling routine for everyone.

And the girls had a little fall down love fest on the turf.

We kicked with my family on Friday morning (our Thanksgiving morning) and after two days of kicking my leg was certainly sore!

Again, I don't think anyone broke any records, but we all had fun! Until next year when I will kick my next field goal...


LA-jan said...

I love these pictures, especially of the girls on the turf!

Dorothy said...

Great traditions!!! Love to kick and be with family!

Patty said...

Wonderful pictures, wonderful memories!!