Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas - part 1

For Christmas this year we started by heading up to Leesburg to see my family. We drove up on Friday to stay for the weekend. We came bearing lots of gifts for everyone and the girls were so sweet in the car on the way up to visit.

On Christmas Eve we decided to go ice skating. It was very fun - Eleanor was quite brave and kept pushing us all away so she could skate all by herself. If I had known she'd do so well I would have even taken her here in Williamsburg before heading up there. Jane didn't love it unless you were holding her in a sort of seated position with her feet on the ice (not an easy task). All went well until my last lap around where I fell while holding Jane. Turns out I only sprained my wrist but due to all the swelling, pain, and lumpiness I didn't find this out until visiting an urgent care.

That night Lauren's future parents-in-law came over for dinner and I made some lasagnas for everyone to eat. Then girls put out cookies and milk for Santa, Chris read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then they went to bed.

After the girls were asleep, I made my first batch of cinnamon rolls, which were delicious, but I plan to improve upon them next year, and we played some games.

Christmas morning was lovely. Everyone opened gifts, and we passed down the dollhouse my Grammy made for Lauren and me in 1995 to Eleanor and Jane. My mom got a lovely gift from her mother, my Grandma Eleanor (who died before our Eleanor was born) of a framed picture of herself - quite a touching gift.

Eleanor had one quite funny reaction to a gift. She opened her "wedding dress" - the dress she'll wear to be a flower girl in Lauren's wedding and the first thing she did was look around and ask where her shoes were. Girls have to accessorize I guess!

That afternoon we went on a walk at Morven Park.

The rest of the days were filled with eating delicious food, playing lots of games, and addressing Lauren's wedding invitations, which have now gone out in the mail!


Dorothy said...

It was such a great Christmas! Thanks for helping with the cooking too! Skating was a blast. It was so fun to see Eleanor start playing with the doll house. Jane really liked her new baby too. Such good times!

LA-jan said...

So many cute moments you caught! Love E with her new dress and J with her doll!

maggie said...

Stella got a dollhouse for Christmas too - so cool the E and J get to play with the one you had as a child! Looks like you had a beautiful trip to see family - besides the injured wrist!

Patty said...

Such great pictures. So many happy memories!!