Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our year in review - 2016

While 2016 didn't come with any major changes for our family as a whole, it certainly did for the girls. Jane, especially, went through a lot of change this year as at the end of 2015 she was hardly rolling over and now she seems like a small but very real person with opinions, preferences, and a growing sense of independence. Eleanor is bigger, braver, fiercer, and harder to control, but oh so loving and sweet when she wants to be. No matter who she looks like on the outside, she is all me on the inside (I love it, but Lord, help us). Chris and I are still in our same jobs with similar but ever changing responsibilities and opportunities, and we are loving being firmly planted here in our city.

(For past years, click the following links: 20152014201320122011201020092008.)

January: We spent New Years with friends, had snow, more snow, and basketball. Jane was a bit sick part of the month.

February: We said goodbye to Eleanor's beautiful nursery and she moved into a big girl bed in her brand new room. She also got sick this month (rare for her), and we went to several basketball games, one where Chris had his radio debut when one of the commentators was unavailable. We cut down and overgrown tree in the front yard and found fun ways to play inside.

March: CAA tournament and March Madness. We celebrated one of my favorite Easters ever here in town with my mom and sister visiting. We also started our regular trips down to CW after a winter hiatus (my favorite time of year to go because it's not too hot and everything seems new after a long absence)!

April: With spring coming, Chris and I were in high gear getting the yard ready since we had neglected it for so long previously. Eleanor and I started our "nature walks" on the trails behind the house - one of our favorite activities when we have enough time. We went to Jamestown for Junior Park Ranger Day. We also started going back to Busch Gardens. A successful One Tribe, One Day, and Uncle Robert came to visit.

May: A big month for us! Chris graduated!!! He was also out of town for work a bit this month. We had a lovely Mother's Day at our house, Ashleigh visited before she headed off to California, we went to James River Fest, and Eleanor enjoyed gymnastics. Jane was dedicated at our church!! The girls and I had a lovely Memorial Day in Leesburg where we got to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday, and Chris headed out to Colorado for a weekend with his former teammates.

June: We took a weekend trip up to D.C. to see family. Shug came down to visit. The girls and I took a trip to Jacksonville with the basketball wives while Chris was busy wrapping up the fiscal year here at home.

July: Chris and I celebrated eight years of marriage!! We spent the 4th with friends in town, my sister got engaged (!!!!), the girls and I took a day trip to Virginia Beach to hang out with Chris' cousins and Eleanor still talks about it regularly to ask when we can do it again. We went to the Chesapeake Bay for vacation and visited Tangier Island. We spent a lot of time at Water Country, and at the river.

August: I turned thirty and Eleanor turned three! We had a birthday party at the house with family in town to visit. We went to Whistle Belly, and took a trip up to Lorton and D.C. for the weekend and went to the 1812 Overture.

September: Jane turned one! We had a great day with her and then celebrated at our small group party that weekend. Eleanor started back at Mom's Morning Out. I got called off work for Labor Day and we spent more time at Water Country. We explored York River State Park on Estuaries Day and the grandparents came to visit.

October: My favorite month for bike riding. We went pumpkin picking in Surry, celebrated Homecoming at W&M, Eleanor had her first trip to the dentist, and Jane had surgery. We took a trip to Leesburg because my mom had surgery, too! Shug came down to visit, we carved pumpkins and celebrated Halloween.

November: Chris and I went to Mexico - the first big trip we've taken since the girls were born. The girls had fun with grandparents while we were gone. Afterward we headed back up to visit for Thanksgiving and participate in the 44th (?) annual Turkey Bowl.

December: We painted our front porch, had several Christmas activity filled weekends, visited Santa Claus, and went to Christmas Town! We celebrated the birth of our Savior with family up in Northern Virginia (more on this soon). and enjoyed our colonial city.

These posts take some time to put together but it is a wonderful way to reminisce and it brings me so much joy to review how many wonderful people and relationships we have in our lives. We are so thankful for our family and friends. Onward to 2017...!


LA-jan said...

Love these reviews! So fun to see the girls grow up!

Dorothy said...

What a beautiful family and a a wonderful year. So grateful for all of you!!!

Patty said...

What a wonderful way to write your family history! Jane has grown so much!