Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January wrap-up

This month has fluctuated between a big snow storm, 60+ degree days, rainy/windy/cold days, and then back to cold and sunshine. We have newish neighbors from New England that we've been spending time with and they are surprised because it feels like spring to them. We warned them about summers here, but I think they will still be in for a rude awakening :)

We've been spending our month at basketball games, of course...
...watching play-off football on the couch...

...playing inside on cold or rainy days...

...and heading outside on much nicer days.

We went to a small friend's birthday party.

We had some doctor's appointments

We've taken lots of naps

Jane has rediscovered her love of avocados and therefore, guacamole. She forgoes the chips and just eats it by the handful.

Jane also had a little accident this month when she fell and obtained her first goose egg. This happened one time with Eleanor when she was about the same age and it was just as scary watching the bump on her head grow so rapidly, but at least this time I had seen it before. 

We've also just eaten a lot of crock-pot meals and comfort foods.

We've, of course, done lots of bike riding with friends.

Jane's hair is growing like crazy, and sometimes is crazy.

We've also done some walking home from church on nice days, occasionally with friends.

Gaby came down to visit and spend the day with the girls while I was at work - a rare but super fun treat for them not to have to go to daycare! And it snowed!

Because of New Years, the snow, and MLK Jr. day, we've had lots of extra time together this month as a family. It's been awesome! Here's hoping for more snow days in February...


Dorothy said...

Looks like a wonderful January! Does Eleanor often wear the eye mask for naps?

Patty said...

Such cute pictures...now I see Jane's original egg...yikes. I loved spending the day with them!!