Monday, January 16, 2017


Here in Williamsburg we've gotten a few inches of snow a couple times the past few years, but out of the 9 years Chris and I have lived here (in school and then after) this is the most snow we've ever gotten. The official total was 12.5 inches! Chris had psyched Eleanor up for snow on Friday night. She woke up after being down for one hour, checked out her window, and called us into her room to discuss why it wasn't snowing yet when Chris told her it would snow while she slept. Saturday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland and it didn't stop snowing until early that evening!

In the morning we headed over to a big sledding hill to try sledding. Since the snow was still falling, the sledding wasn't great yet because the snow was too powdery and not packed down enough so we ventured out in our neighborhood and Chris started shoveling our driveway with Eleanor's help.

We went sledding in our neighbor's backyard.

Later that evening after naps we had the ceremonial burning of our Christmas trees.

Saturday night we watched the Sound of Music and ate popcorn and snow cream in front of the fire.

It stopped snowing that evening, but church was cancelled on Sunday because the roads hadn't been plowed yet. We did more playing in the neighborhood Sunday morning.

Sunday late afternoon we headed back to the sledding hill. it was a little crowded but Eleanor marched up to the top and flew down!

Jane was less interested in sledding but loved walking up the hill and wandering around.

Monday was a snow day for Chris. Chris and Eleanor went out that morning and built a snowman and a fort in the front yard. Some of our friends came over to hang out for awhile because they were a little tired of being snow bound. 

From there we headed out one last time to the sledding hill for our last run. Eleanor had a couple wipe outs and a couple near misses but overall did great! The sledding hill was super crowded and super slick on the last day we went.

The daddies and daughters then got in on the sledding action and took a few runs down together. Chris, Jane, and Eleanor had a wipeout on their way down but thankfully no one got hurt.


Dorothy said...

I love all the smiles, especially on Chris! He had as much fun as Eleanor! You guys did so much wit the snow! Love those photos. That was a LOT of snow!

Lauren Hall said...

I had no idea you got THAT much snow! We've hardly gotten any this year! Sooo fun! Love snow days :)

Patty said...

Wow!! I love all these pictures so much! Love the colors of the winter clothing against the white snow. And all the kids look so happy! I cannot believe how FAST that hill was!! Eleanor and Jane are pretty brave!

LA-jan said...

"We got a wipe out! Wipe out for us!" Oh, that is precious :))