Monday, February 6, 2017

Eleanor is getting big

I was feeling nostalgic the other day about Eleanor getting so big, because that day, she was acting so big! While there are a handful of things that still make me feel she is small (naps, tantrums, whining), there are lots of things that make me face the fact every day that she is growing up. She never asks for help putting her shoes on (though occasionally they are on the wrong feet), she can go out and check the mail by herself, and the other day she asked me if she could make her and Jane a snack after naps. I got out the things she asked me to get out and then she wouldn't let me touch a thing while she made their snacks. I did end up having to do a bit of clean up at the end, but I was quite impressed that she made quick oatmeal for herself and her sister.

Then, later that day she was playing with her chalkboard and I asked her if she wanted to write her name. She said yes so I explained how she has to write her letters each after the other so it's in the right order to make her name. Then she actually wrote her name! I was shocked. I honestly didn't think she could do it, I was just asking and then she did it. She still doesn't actually know all of her letters but she knows all the letters in her own name and how to spell her name (and Jane's) out loud. Her 'N' is backwards, but otherwise a very impressive first effort!

Sweet girl, you're getting so big!


Dorothy said...

I love the oatmeal snack, they both seemed to really enjoy it! Look at that proud face next to her name! So impressive!!!

Patty said...

She is getting big. She communicates so well and I'm quite proud of her name there! Love that she was helping Jane with a snack.