Thursday, March 2, 2017

February wrap-up

February was cold, then warm, then cold, etc. It couldn't make up its mind. Except for the wedding festivities of last weekend (which was a blast!), here is the rest of our month in pictures:

Chris took a weekend trip to Charlottesville with his brother, our brother-in-law, and my brother. They went to a bunch of breweries and had a pretty good time.

A neighbor has this cool swing that they let the girls take a turn on the other day.

One Sunday when we went to pick all the kids up from small group, they were all waiting outside on the front steps for us. It was so cute - they all started waving and shouting as we walked down the street so we made them pose for a quick picture.

These two have been a lot more in cahoots these days as Jane understands more and Eleanor can help Jane do more. The other day I walked into the room to see Eleanor boosting Jane up by her bottom to somewhere she shouldn't have been.

On Friday nights we have "pizza movie night" where we eat pizza on the floor and the girls get to watch a movie. We put a sheet down and generally shake it out and walk on it to flatten it out. Well Jane has been watching and has been trying to straighten out the sheet herself these days. She lifts up a corner and then walks on it to flatten it out :)

Eleanor goes to the pre-school program at our church and the other day she wanted to drop me off at my "class" (the main service) and go to her class by herself instead of letting me drop her off at her class like we normally do. Well, she did it and was so proud of herself!

We had another friends' birthday party right before we went out of town for the wedding and it was a blast to celebrate with them!

For the girls in our neighborhood, we ended up getting matching scooters for their birthdays. Since the first birthday happened (above) we gave them all to them at one time.

The girls have been enjoying making their own pizzas though it creates a huge mess.

The girls sitting on the front stairs at grandma's house last week:

Now that we've enjoyed a weirdly warm/cold February, we are off to March!

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Patty said...

Love these pictures; they really portray the weather differences we had! Love the scooter picture and the sweet video of little helper Jane!