Monday, March 6, 2017

Lauren & Eric's Wedding!

My sister got married! I have a new brother-in-law! We went up to northern Virginia for a week to celebrate this happy occurrence. The girls and I were around to do some hanging out and last-minute prep stuff at grandma's house on Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Friday Lauren and I spent the entire day doing fun and relaxing things together and with her friends. First we went to do yoga in the morning, and that afternoon we did an Escape Room, Wine & Design, and went out to dinner.

Friday morning, my Aunt Holly had organized a brunch for Lauren's female family members. It was very fun to spend some time with these women as the rest of the weekend was so busy.

From there it was off to the rehearsal. Eleanor was so excited to practice with her new friend (Eric's sister's daughter who is close to the same age). Jane was very excited, too, and didn't want to be left out.

The rehearsal dinner was later that night.

And then Sunday was the wedding! We got ready at my mom's house that morning.

The girls got ready at Chris' mom's house. Eleanor was so excited to get her hair done by Gaby and felt so special all day!

Then it was off to the ceremony. I took no pictures this entire time so pretty much every picture in this post was taken by either my Aunt Janet, Aunt Eileen, cousin Heather, Aunt Holly, or my mom.

Eleanor spent the ENTIRE night on the dance floor, whether it was officially "open" or not.

I actually realized that we didn't get a family picture of the four of us, which is a bummer because we are never all dressed up! However, the videographer turned out to be the boyfriend of Chris' twin sisters' friend, and he sent us this video clip of the four of us together. 

This picture pretty much sums up Chris' whole day:

Overall the entire wedding was beautiful. Lauren was beautiful. The bride and groom had a good time and were happy. We were all so happy the be a part of their special day! Congratulations Eric & Lauren!!!


Patty said...

Incredible pictures of such a happy event! You planned wonderful celebrations for Lauren and fun to recognize faces from your wedding! You all looked beautiful!! Chris was a hero (and quite handsome, may I add)!

Dorothy said...

What great pictures! Patty, you did an fantastic job with the Eleanor's hair! It was such a wonderful wedding and a beautiful day!!!

Lauren said...

I second what Patty and mom said - you planned an AMAZING day and were the best maid of honor EVER. And Patty - E's hair was sooo cute! It was the best day ever :)

LA-jan said...

You are all so awesome! So glad to share it with you! We had a blast!

Drew Watts said...

These pictures are spectacular. And I feel such NYC wedding venues are just the best. I had my wedding day party in one of these and even my sister. Your blog is really very relatable to my life. Its your best friend and at my time it was my sister.