Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mom's Morning Out

Last week I volunteered in Eleanor's Mom's Morning Out class. She was so excited to show me everything because we each only volunteer once per semester. She ended up being the calendar helper for the day, so she got to put the day of the week up and the weather for the day.

They're also spending the month studying emotions, and in no great surprise, Eleanor is excellent at acting out every emotion they throw her way. This child is a born actress (definitely not sure whether this is good or bad).

She also enjoyed fishing for some coins, crafting, sifting for shells, and reading tons of books.

You can see her very creative playdough snowman on the table here.

It's so fun to occasionally see what they're up to and watch how she moves through the day.


Patty said...

What darling pictures! She looks beautiful in her pony tail and tutu. How fun to observe all that goes on in class!

Dorothy said...

What a great day for both Mom and E! She is no shy one!:)