Monday, March 13, 2017

Post-wedding Williamsburg visit

After Lauren and Eric's wedding, Chris headed off to St. Louis for the week so the girls and I hung around northern Virginia for a little while and then some family came down to visit us in Williamsburg! I again didn't take any pictures, so most of these are from my mom or Aunt Janet who were both down visiting. They came by the house at first, and then we headed down to Colonial Williamsburg. We had lunch at The Cheese Shop and they ended up running by an old grist mill with Eleanor before they left while I let Jane take a nap in the car.

Thanks for visiting!


Dorothy said...

This was a fun visit! Thanks for entertaining us even with tired girls!!!

Patty said...

Really cute and fun pics. Love the one of Jane in action and Eleanor by the horses!

LA-jan said...

We had so much fun. Williamsburg is such a special place!