Thursday, March 30, 2017

Williamsburg weekend

Last weekend we didn't have much on the agenda so we spent the weekend doing very Williamsburg things. We got up and went to a pancake house on Richmond Road with a friend that was visiting from out of town (Williamsburg has about 14 pancake houses on Richmond Road) and then headed over to the Farmer's Market to walk around - the first one we've gone to this year. Later we walked throughout Colonial Williamsburg and decided to actually do some touristy things for once. We wandered around the Governor's Palace grounds and then started taking a tour inside the Governor's mansion but had to dip out early - didn't know the tour would be as long as it was. I had actually only been on the palace grounds one or two other times (once for the senior triathalon!) and I had never been inside the mansion. Having lived here a combined 10 years now, I'm realizing how much I haven't seen, so we may try to make some efforts this summer to explore a bit more of Colonial Williamsburg.

This was part of why we had to skip out on the rest of the tour - Jane was getting punchy and kept trying to do somersaults on the floor while it was fairly crowded.

After Colonial Williamsburg we headed to the Virginia Beer Company for their one year anniversary celebration. Some friends we ran into in CW and some that we had talked to the day before met us there.

They had tons of games outside, like a giant chess board, a strong man competition, giant connect-four, and corn hole.

My sister and brother-in-law had randomly sent Chris a gift card to VBC for his help at the wedding and it was so sweet. The owners found him and gave it to him while we were sitting there enjoying ourselves. It was such an unexpected and fun surprise - thanks guys!!

The rest of the day was nap time :)

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Such a nice day!