Monday, April 3, 2017

March wrap-up

The month of March was certainly not as busy as February (with the wedding festivities) but the weather started turning nice which made for a good change of pace. By the end of February with not much snow (I really only like it being bitter cold when there is snow involved), I am so eager to finally be able to go outside again without the endless bundling that comes with having small kids.

We still had lots of snuggling inside.

We laid 8 yards of mulch in one day.

We met lots of friends at random parks.

Eleanor stayed up really late at our neighbor's bonfire and made friends with one of the little neighborhood boys. He said, "I don't want to leave 'til she leaves because I think we like each other. But I haven't asked her yet." Oh my, my heart melted. We don't have anything to worry about though because this little boy is moving in June.

Eleanor has been writing her own stories in a notebook that Chris gave her one day and she's been "reading" them to us. ("The ghost couldn't go to Halloween because she interrupted being mean to her friends...")

Eleanor is still practicing writing - she can now write her own name and Chris' name. She even drew Chris the other day - check out his wingspan ;)

My girls napped together in the same room! I am entertaining the idea of moving them into the same room together but have deferred because of their nap differences. We will see if this happens more in the future!

Jane is still just as cute and sweet as can be - here she is playing at the park after church.

Onward to spring!

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Dorothy said...

Napping in the same room... I love the pictures of the girls sleeping. So sweet! I can't believe it was time for another 8 yards of mulch!!!