Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Easter!

We spent last weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of the Lord with community, church, and candy. We started out at the Good Friday service at church, which was designed to be a time of reflection. It was a great service and we were glad that we had the opportunity to go.

On Saturday, some of our neighbors decided to host a neighborhood-wide Easter egg hunt at the park. I ended up taking Eleanor and her friend Hannah from down the street while their sisters slept. There were something like 350 eggs hidden around the park and field surrounding it. The girls had a great time!

Later that afternoon, our friends invited us over to their Easter egg hunt and dinner. We all brought sides to share and enjoyed an evening of playing and fellowship.

Sunday morning, we went to church as a family. We decided to walk as we knew there were lots of extra visitors on holidays and that parking would be limited.

Sunday afternoon we wanted to do something special with the girls for Easter, so we went out to a river beach after nap time. I wasn't sure how Jane would feel about it since she likely doesn't remember much about water from last year, but she loved it. She loved digging in the sand, and we even had to take her dress off because she loved splashing in the water so much. We hadn't planned to swim but she did a good job getting herself wet anyway.

It was a gorgeous day out so we decided to grill and eat outside when we got home that evening. Eleanor wanted to have another egg hunt even though she had already had two, so I agreed to hide some of the eggs she already found and do a third egg hunt for them in the backyard. Then they wanted to find their Easter baskets so we "hid" those for them, too.

Can you spot the frog?

We are so thankful for our life, our friends and family, and for a Lord who is sovereign over death. Happy Easter!


Dorothy said...

Oh thanks for sharing your beautiful Easter weekend. It warms by heart to see all these pictures! I love the girls at the river beach. Such smiles! It looked like a wonderful family weekend!! Love you guys!

Lauren said...

Looks like it was such a great weekend with friends!! I love all the Easter egg hunts and the matching dresses are adorable! Thank you for sharing :)

LA-jan said...

What fun pictures! The beach pictures of the girls running in their dresses, those are terrific! Love these!

Patty said...

These pictures melt my heart. I love the girls' dresses!! <3

Patty said...

PS This makes me believe that Jane will love EI!!