Monday, April 17, 2017

Eleanor's "first" haircut

When grandma came down to visit last week, we stopped at Target to get Eleanor a pair of kid scissors. She wanted to craft with grandma, and she uses them at Mom's Morning Out sometimes and really likes to cut things. Well grandma also got her construction paper and she has been busy cutting all the pieces to shreds and scattering them around the house. The other day, she was sitting on the couch quietly when she turned to me and said, "I'm cutting my hair, mama!"

I immediately ran over to her and sure enough, pulled chunks of her pretty long hair that she had cut out. I told her we didn't cut our own hair and she said, "Don't worry, you can just stick it back on." When I explained you couldn't, she seemed not to care. Then I told her she lost her scissor privileges for awhile and she lost it.

Sweet girl now has a few short bangs and some chunks on the left side of her head that no longer fit into a braid or ponytail, but the only thing she cares about is that she can't use her scissors for awhile yet...


Dorothy said...

Consequences are no fun....:(

Patty said...

This makes me chuckle, that she's more upset about her scissors than her hair!!