Monday, May 1, 2017

April wrap-up

This month finally felt like the first real month of spring. We had some great weather mixed with some cold rainy days, and a couple unbearably hot ones. Those couple of really hot ones did not get me excited for the summer in Williamsburg, though I am ready to wrap up our school year activities and head for the lazy days of summer. I am definitely looking forward to the pools opening again!

It is such a blessing that some of Eleanor's best friends live on the same street as us. The girls have been able to get together for afternoon walks and bike rides. Believe me, I know how rare this situation is and am so grateful for it.

We have taken a trip or two to Busch Gardens trying to get Jane used to the rides since she is walking now and will likely be on them a lot this year.

Auntie Ashleigh and her boyfriend Bryce came down to visit one weekend this month. We went to the Cheese Shop, of course.

We met friends at a playground to get outside on what turned out to be a pretty sunny but windy day!

We've spent some time in Colonial Williamsburg exploring the gardens and walking around on pretty days.

Gymnastics has continued...

My college roommate Kayla came down to visit and we got to spend some quality time together while the girls napped.

Poor Eleanor had a cavity and had to go back to the dentist to get it taken care of. She actually did amazingly well - I was super impressed with both her and the dental practice we go to.

We went to a W&M baseball game the other evening, which unfortunately turned into one of those unbearably hot days.

Jane and one of the other little girls in our small group were rocking out on microphones and the babysitter sent us this picture :)

It was a good's to May.