Monday, May 8, 2017

Shug and Grandma visit

Last week Chris had to go on a work trip and the girls got visits from both Shug and Grandma! Shug came down first and we headed out to CW for a walk. We, of course, stopped at the Peanut Shop while we were down there.

Eleanor had prepared by painting a picture for Shug before he got down here.

We headed to Chick-fil-A for lunch (the girls' favorite) and had some fun playing before the girls went down for naps. Later that evening, Grandma came! Grandma got Eleanor a brand new nightgown that she loves because she gets to wear a dress to bed.

On Friday we decided to head to Busch Gardens for the morning. We all took a ride on the log flume (Le Scoot), and then Jane spent the entire rest of the day huddling in Grandma's arms because she is scared of all the rides (including the shuttle train to get to the park from the parking lot, and the sky ride which is sort of like an air train around the park).

Poor Jane, we're still hoping she warms up to Busch Gardens a bit this summer like her sister did. Thanks for visiting Shug and Grandma! We had a blast!


Dorothy said...

Oh how I love the cuddle time!

Lauren said...

So funn!! We need to make a trip down next!

Patty said...

Darling pictures. Poor Jane...I want to go to Busch Gardens!!

La-Jan said...

Oh, miss you guys!