Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day strawberry picking

First, Happy Mother's Day to our moms, Grandma and Gaby! And Happy Mother's Day to all the other mamas and future mamas out there. We had a fairly low key weekend, but lots of fun family time. On Saturday we decided to go strawberry picking out in Surry at College Run Farms. We took the ferry over the river and got to enjoy a demonstration heading out of Jamestown Settlement while we embarked. They sent one of their ships out and did some cannon fire right when we were leaving.

It had been raining for days, so picking wasn't as easy as it normally is. There were lots of mushy berries, but we were able to pick around and get some decent ones.

Then, the whole reason for actually going to Surry to pick berries...ice cream. We got homemade strawberry ice cream and it was absolutely worth the journey.

My favorite part about actual Mother's Day on Sunday was that Eleanor made me a homemade card and worked really hard to write "Mommy" on the front and "Eleanor" on the inside.

Happy Mother's Day!


La-Jan said...

Very nice!

Patty said...

Love these pics. The one of Jane on the ferry is beautiful. And Eleanor's card...I miss those days!

Dorothy said...

Yum, ice cream. Such a wonderful card! Happy Mother's Day!!!