Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy Graduation, Ashleigh and Jessie!

Last weekend we headed to Harrisonburg to see Chris' sisters graduate from JMU! They are the last of our family to graduate, so it was a little exciting thinking that we are all "grown up" now. Here is a picture of Chris with all his siblings - everyone was together at Brothers Craft Brewing in Harrisonburg after the graduation:

We got over to Harrisonburg on Thursday afternoon and went to Cross Keys Vineyard for a family celebratory dinner.

Jessie's boyfriend Henry brought a nice camera and took pictures of the family, which was so kind!

On Friday, Chris and I took the girls swimming at an indoor pool where we were staying before heading over to the main graduation ceremony. We spotted the girls down on the field! There was a reception on a nearby lawn afterward including popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. Then we headed back to the place we were staying for dinner.

Saturday morning we headed out early for their departmental graduation where they actually got to walk across the stage. They both were under the same school in different departments (Psychology and Social Work). It was raaaaaainy and cold. We were sitting under an overhang, so at least stayed dry, but by the time the ceremony was over, almost everyone had left - the graduates off the field (after they walked) and their families out of the stands. We were all a little chilly. (Below is a pictures of poor Ashleigh's mortar board after getting rained on all morning).

We headed to Greenberry's (where Ashleigh works) for coffee and then over to Brothers Craft Brewing.

That afternoon, the families of the graduates hosted a get together at the girls' house, called the Birdhouse. We had fun chatting with the girls' roommates and hearing who was doing what the following year, as well as watching a slideshow of pictures from their eventful senior year. It was very nostalgic and reminded me of good times that I had with my roommates during college, too. Such a fun time of life! We also headed back that night to watch the Kentucky Derby at the resort. My horse (Lookin' at Lee) came in a surprising 2nd place, while Chris' took first (Always Dreaming). We won $20!

A HUGE congratulations to Ashleigh and Jessie on graduating this past weekend!


Dorothy said...

Congratulations Ashleigh and Jessica!!! What a beautiful family celebration. So much to be excited about!

Patty said...

I love all of these pictures!! It was such a special few days together. We are so grateful to everyone for their efforts to be with us and share in this momentous occasion!!