Thursday, June 8, 2017

Field Hockey clinic

One of Eleanor's friend's moms helps coach W&M field hockey and organized a clinic for the little girls the same day that W&M was hosting a clinic for older girls. We signed Eleanor up and she had a blast. I've literally never seen her sweat so much in her life...she is her father's daughter. Jane even got in on a little bit of the action, though not much! It was set up to teach them how to hold a stick, dribble, pass, and shoot. They were able to start by warming up with the big girls (run a lap around the field and do stretches) and then headed off to the side to do their drills. There were also pool noodles and balloons involved so that the girls could learn how to go after the "ball" without hurting each other since no one was wearing shin guards or a mouth guard.
(The three pictures at the end were taken by other moms whose daughters participated in the clinic.)

After the hard work was over, the girls enjoyed popsicles, a sprinkler, and a slip and slide to cool down. Overall a great introduction to the sport!


LA-jan said...

What fun for all those young girls! Looks like she had a blast all right!

Dorothy said...

Oh she is a competitor! Fun!

Patty said...

I can tell from the pics how hot Eleanor was. But she looks like a pro!!